Tri Lobe Blower Features

    • The Tri-Lobe® Blower, because of having rotor tips disposed at 120º on each rotor, causes the rotor set to be much more resistant to angular deflection along it’s length, than two lobed rotor sets, which have lobe tips disposed at 180º each – this extra “stiffness” provides less deflection at any load, thus minimizing possible rotor contact with both the cylinder and it’s sister rotor during operation.
    • This same tip orientation provides for more even load distribution between the rotor and gear sets, while under normal load cycling – this feature enhances the life of the bearings and gears – the six smaller volume chambers per revolution of the Tri-Lobe® vs. four larger chambers of the two lobe, increases the pulsation frequency, allowing pulsation magnitude to be limited, and reducing characteristic noise levels.

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